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Do you want to know about Apia Home Insurance? The Australian Pensioners Insurance Agency (APIA) is a market leader, with a focus on meeting the insurance needs of senior citizens in Australia. APIA Insurance offers three plans for auto insurance, all of which are supplied by AAI Limited and come with a simple online claim process.

APIA Has What Kinds Of Insurance Available To Its Members –

  • Comprehensive

In the event of a collision, fire, theft, storm, flood, or damage to your vehicle, APIA’s Comprehensive Car Advantage Insurance will cover you. If your automobile is less than two years old and completely worn out, you are eligible for a new car replacement, as well as a new car replacement after theft for cars less than ten years old. Huh. In addition, $20 million in legal liability coverage is offered if your vehicle is damaged while using someone else’s vehicle or property.

  • Fire, Theft, and Damage to Third-Party Assets

The purpose of insurance with APIA insurance is to protect your vehicle in the event of fire, theft or attempted theft. This policy also covers personal belongings stolen from your car. If you or someone else is injured while driving your car, you are covered for up to $20 million in legal liability and up to $5,000 for damage caused by an uninsured driver.

  • Damage to a Third Party’s Property

APIA Insurance Car Third Party Property Damage Car Advantage Insurance provides $20 million in legal liability protection if your vehicle causes damage to someone else’s vehicle or property. Losses caused by an uninsured driver are covered for up to $5,000, and you can pay your premiums every month at no extra charge.

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Steps You May Do To Save Even More Money On Your Insurance –

You can save money on your APIA auto insurance coverage by following these tips and discounts: Unclaimed Bonus. Drivers with a clear record of claims are eligible for a no-claim bonus of up to 65%. Discounts for multiple policies. APIA Car Insurance can provide you with a bargain if you have more than one insurance with them.

Payless for driving less. If you drive less than 20,000 kms annually, your APIA auto insurance rate will be reduced by 10%. Discounts are available on the Internet. If you obtain quotations online, you can save 5% on your new comprehensive coverage. Make sure you choose the more important additional variables. In exchange for lower rates, you can pay a higher deductible. Visit their site to learn about APIA health insurance

Claim –

To file a claim on your APIA Car Advantage insurance policy, you can do so online or by phone at any time of the day or night. A claim can be monitored online, and the insurer will notify you if more information is required. Prevent additional loss or loss by taking all possible measures. The police should be contacted in case of theft, attempted theft, or willful harm. The insurer may want more documentation or data to process your claim.

When It Comes To Auto Insurance, What Does Apia’s Comprehensive Policy Cover?

In addition to the standard coverage, Apia’s comprehensive car insurance offers some added bonuses. Be sure to protect yourself from damage caused by hail, storms and floods. Fire, burglary, attempt to burglary and sabotage are all covered. Apia will reimburse up to $1,500 in ‘After Claim Cost’ if your automobile is stolen or damaged due to an incident covered by Appia. The cost of repairs and temporary housing may also be covered.

Trailers can be insured for up to $2,000 in value. If your automobile becomes unusable after an incident covered by Appia, Apia provides up to $500 to cover ‘Receive Household Expenses’. If your vehicle is damaged in an accident covered by your insurance, you may be eligible for up to $250 in transportation coverage. Coverage for rental car after theft for 21 days.

The child seat and baby capsule can be covered for up to $750. Coverage for caravans and trailers in the event of third party property damage. Accidental death coverage up to $5,000 is available. Additionally, Apia offers a lifetime warranty on approved repairs and discounts for those driving less than 20,000 kms per year. There is a $40,000 restriction on insurance coverage for automobiles under ten years old.

Apia’s comprehensive automobile insurance comes with a variety of optional additional features. Why not a better insurance policy? With Apia’s comprehensive automobile insurance, you can add the following additional features:

Assistance At The Roadside –

If you purchase this coverage for your windshield and windows, you will receive one free repair or replacement each insurance month. You can get extended rental automobile insurance for an infinite number of days. If you need a rental car while your claim is processed, Apia will cover the cost of up to $90 per day until your vehicle is repaired or returned to you.

What Is Apia’s Roadside Assistance Policy?

Apia offers roadside assistance coverage as an optional extra for less than $7 per month. The service includes an unlimited number of calls. Apia will assist you in the following: ·

  • Taking your vehicle to a reputable repair facility·
  • Instant delivery of essential petrol.·
  • If you’re lost or lost in your home or car, Apia can assist you, either by sending you a replacement key or by calling a locksmith.

Who provides Apia’s third-party insurance?

Apia’s automobile insurance covers third party property damage as well as third party fire and theft. MAI Insurance Act for Citizens (CTP Insurance) is also available. Each of the two types of insurance provides legal liability coverage of up to $20 million, as well as $5,000 worth of coverage for damages caused by an uninsured motorist. Apia will need the name and address of the person who caused the accident as well as their car registration number in order to process your claim.

  • For added protection, third-party insurance policies cover the following:·
  • Accidental damage or loss may result from fire or theft.·
  • Towing and storage charges from the accident or incident site must be reasonable.·
  • Automobile rental for 21 days after theft·
  • You and your passengers will be reimbursed up to $500 in “Receive Home Expenses” for the cost of transportation.


For more than 30 years, Apia has provided insurance to pensioners. Today, it offers a wide selection of insurance policies for Australians over the age of 50. Apia insurance may be worth considering if you are familiar with the roads in your area and have a lot of prior driving experience. Apia also won two Mojo People’s Choice Awards for Outstanding Customer Satisfaction and Outstanding Claims Experience in 2021. To learn more about Apia’s auto insurance coverage, continue reading.

FAQs –

Who Owns Apia Insurance

Vero Insurance

Who Underwrites

Apia Insurance

With the permission of AAI and as part of an agreement, Apia Limited acts as an authorized representative and wholly owned subsidiary of AAI Limited, enters into insurance contracts and manages claims on behalf of AAI Limited and pays.

Who Is The Underwriter For Apia Insurance

AAI Limited

What Does Apia Insurance Stand For

Australia’s Department of Veterans Affairs

What Services Do Apia Insurance Give

So if you are looking for insurance policies that reward the experience of anything from home and vehicle to caravan and boat to motorhome and motorbike, then Appia is the right choice.

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